Screen pixilates

Im using Windows Pro 7 64. After approx 4 minutes the screen completely pixilates which sometimes clears after a minute, if not I have to force close Sketchup and start again.

Any ideas?

thank you

Try to update your machine’s graphics driver(s).

IF you have both a integrated graphics GPU and a standalone dedicated GPU, set SketcHUp to use the dedicated GPU.

Thank you

Both AMD and Intel (R) updated, unfortunately the error still exists and the warning below appears each time

‘Display driver stopped working and is responding again’

How do I force Sketchup to use the Intel driver?

You really don’t. You should use the dedicated AMD GPU rather than the integrated Intel GPU.

This is done via a Graphics OEM utility. AMD has their’s called either Catalyst (older) or Crimson (newer).
(Nvidia calls their’s the Nvidia Control Panel.)

Drivers + Support AMD Catalyst™ Control Center Help FAQ

I cannot find a direct link to the Crimson “Radeon Settings” help.

I’ve updated to the latest software and its worked for the last 20 minutes!

Thank you very much, I’ve been going through that horrible cycle of restarting for the last 2 months.


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