Freezes on Launch

I am having a recurring issue with Sketchup Make. It just started yesterday. When I run sketchup(either by running the app directly or by opening a skp file) I get the welcome screen, then when I click “Start using SketchUp” it opens up and freezes instantly.

I reinstalled the software and that seemed to fix it, but a few hours later it started freezing again. Running a repair does not fix the issue. I have to actually uninstall it then reinstall it.

Style Builder and Layout both run fine.

Anyone have any suggestions?

OS: Windows 10 x64
Sketchup version: Whatever the current download is. (x64)
Graphics Card: MSI R9 390 8G (AMD) (drivers up to date)

Install SU as administrator?

There’s been a sneaky install of or with AMD stuff. It interferes with SU. Delete that program if you have it.

IE updated? The program uses it for internal internet connection, javascript and other stuff.

Test your graphics driver. In SU go to Window > Preferences > OpenGL and disable use hardware acceleration. Restart SU. Better?

AMD has an iffy record of good OpenGL support with its drivers. Sometimes older drivers work better - search this forum for driver version number. Also you may have better success with installing 32-bit version of SU. There have been some issue with good OpenGL support on 64-bit drivers on 64-bit version of SU but 32-bit SU may work.

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Thanks for the response. Unfortunately none of those suggestions helped.

The only things I didn’t try were the 32 bit SU(I couldn’t find a way to download 32bit) and installing older drivers(I rely on my graphics drivers for other sotfware).

As it stands right now I can still use SU, I just have to uninstall and reinstall it every time I want to use it. Kind of a pain.

No difference if hardware acceleration is disable in SU?

You shouldn’t be going through this reinstall nonsense…

Are you on a laptop?

Yeah, there’s no difference when I disable hardware acceleration.

Not on a laptop.

Is IE updated to the latest version? The OS supplied browser provides several tools programs require beyond browsing the internet. IE needs to be maintained regardless of your browser preference.

Any 3rd-party plugins/extensions?

An AMD driver update installs an (probably useless) application called that prevents SketchUp from running. If you have that, you might try uninstalling it.


Well, technically I don’t have IE, it has been replaced by microsoft edge in wondows 10(I think 8 too), but yes it is up to date. It is updated automatically with with all other system updates.

I don’t use microsoft edge, so I have not installed any plugins.

That’s SU plugins.

Check that the security in Edge is set to medium.

Any changes done to your firewall lately?

Oh, no I haven’t installed any SU plugins, or customized SU in any way.

I don’t see any security settings in edge.

No changes to my firewall in the last 2 years.

32-bit here Download All | SketchUp

[quote=“fissidens, post:8, topic:30157”]
technically I don’t have IE
[/quote] Well ‘technically’ you do !
Both Edge and IE are installed in parallel with Win10…
Your Control Panel > Internet Options settings affect both.
Make sure they are set to moderate or lower…
Also check that they allow scripts to run etc…

Check the Firewall settings allow SketchUp through…
You might have not changed anything in 2 years but Windows version updates might have !

This should be solvable…
Many of us run very similar set ups without issues…

Your AMD GC is somewhat suspect, and ‘’ is a known killer !

Thanks @catamountain 32-bit seems to be working correctly. So far I have open and closed the program several times and have not had any issues.

I should have past on the link sooner… geeze

Post mortem, in the future you may be able to install SU 64-bit. 64-bit graphics drivers may have different OpenGL support for 64- and 32-bit program versions - especially on Win10 machines with (or without) AMD cards. In the future you may be able to install 64-bit SU.