Sketchup freezes after start

Hi, new to the Forum.
I have tried to find all the existing discussions. Running fresh Windows 10, and Quadro 4200 with latest drivers.
Sketchup freezes during start. I have reinstalled several times, including with firewall and virus off.
Windows compatibility app finds a problem, but can’t fix it.

Any suggestions?

Did you install any plugins?

No, it’s a new install

I should add it was running fine until I reached the end of the 30 day trial, but I assume I can continue to use Make after this.

SU16? After the 30 day trial with the Make installation, your start screen will have an option for you to continue using the free version.

Did you install the Make version initially? That one gives you the 30 day pro trial with the option to choose the free version. The Pro install will not do that.

haha I did not know that either so in about 15 days this will quit as i downloaded the file and installed it in win 7-1 ,. . There is a page for getting the Make installation file ? Being so rich and on Social Security here I am sure i can’t afford the PRO version any way !

Thanks All for the replies - I was sure I had downloaded the Make version, but to check, I removed SU, and downloaded again - It looks different, and seems to be working, so I may have had the Pro Trial. I also had previously installed in a second partition on my C drive, which does not hold my Programs folder - I don’t know if this had an effect. This time I installed to the main partition on the C drive. Thanks again for the suggestions and offers of help!

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