Sketchup 2015 not responding

Hi Can anyone help with this problem please - I started to work in sketchup this morning and noticed it the scenes had gone, then sketchup just froze. since then i have uninstalled and re-installed but it opens with just a frozen screen and i cant click on anything. once i got it to work by opening in administrator then crossing out of instructor and it seemed to work. but when i opened again after checking the do not show on start up check box everything is frozen again??

which platform resp. operating system?

if you can get SU to run disable “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware Acceleration” first.

be aware, that parts of the SU dialogs as e.g. the Mentor do rely on the browser of the operating system (Win: MS IE / OSX: Safari), therefore ensure to use the most recent version and do empty the cache as well as cookies.

Thanks, I found the roaming folder had been corrupted for some reason, renamed it old_Roaming and restarted Sketchup which forced it to make a new roaming folder and all is working fine. Just had to reload all my plugins. Thanks for your responce.