Unable to create component

I am currently running SU Pro 21 and all of a sudden when I go to make a component SU freezes until I press ESC. Has anyone had any similar issues and have you been able to resolve it?

Just to outline my process I highlight the item that I wish to make a component, right click and select make component, the menu goes away, a new axis appears and that is when SU becomes unresponsive until I press ESC.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

What happens if you press Enter instead of Esc?

It sounds like the Create Component window is opening off screen. Try Window>Preferences>Workspace>Reset Workspace.

If Reset Workspace doesn’t fix it, try this: Select the geometry, press G or right click for Create Component. Then Alt and Space together, then M, then tap any arrow key once and finally move the mouse around without clicking anything until the preferences window shows on your screen, then Reset Workspace.

@DaveR you are amazing! I had to do the ALT Space method but it worked. I can’t believe that was so easy. Your a life saver thank you so much.

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