Can't make component

Somehow I’ve lost the pop-up dialogue to make components. I can select what I want, select make component and I’ll get the new axis but no dialogue box. And the software “locks-up” unless I press Esc. Seems like there’s box that isn’t showing. What stupid thing did I click?
Happens with new and existing files

Sounds like the Create Component window is opening off screen. Try Window>Preferences>Workspace>Reset Workspace.

If that doesn’t work try the following:

Press alt and space together, then tap m, then tap any arrow key, then without clicking, move the mouse around until the dialog appears.

HA! No idea how that happened. It was opening half off the far end of my second screen.

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Sometimes Windows has a difficult time with multiple displays. Keep those two tricks around, though. They may come in handy in the future.