Cannot create new materials

Hi guys,
I am quite new, so a little stuck, I am trying to create a new material, I am in the materials window and then click on the create materials button and then SketchUp freezes. The create material window does not show and unless I press ESC I cannot do anything?
Im sure Ill be missing something simple, please help.

I am using Sketchup Pro 2015 with Windows 8.1 and 2 monitors


I don’t have an answer to the freezing issue but can you create a new material via File>Import? Either draw a face onto which you’ll apply the material image (make sure you choose Use as texture in the Import window) or import as an image and then explode the image after you have it inserted into SketchUp.

I prefer to import images as textures and apply them to faces that are set to the desired size of the material I’m importing. That eliminates the need to edit the texture size later.

The dialog may be hidden behind another window, or somehow was last displayed at a desktop coordinate that is now offscreen.

There is a way to blindly open the window control menu, then press “M” to activate the window move command, then use the arrow keys to move it back into view. (But, I cannot remember the accelerator key combo to bring up the window control menu.)

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I don’t know about Win 8.1 but try ALT+SPACE M and then use arrow keys or use mouse.
Edit: “or use mouse”; it will automatically lock to the window so click “blindly” and move with mouse.

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Actually you need to “click and hold” blindly with the mouse and move around until the window comes into view.

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Yes, true, sorry for my not too exact explanation :flushed:
Don’t use it often myself. Had to look it up…

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thank you very much!! the alt space M worked for me :smile:
much appreciated


Alt+Space worked for me as well, just start by making sure you’re active in the SketchUp window by clicking the SketchUp window, even though it appears frozen. Press Alt+Space simultaneously and somewhere you’ll see the dialogue screen pop up. Mine was completely invisible off screen and it took a dozen or more tries to actually get it to move. I have no idea how it ended up essentially off screen.

Dan, as is so often the case, sage advice. I knew the problem, had no idea how to find that silly window. Just randomly hid on me one day. Many thanks for the means to relocate it from the “void” outside my screen.

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