Cannot Create Material

Sometimes I cannot create new materials in Sketchup. It’s not a missing or off-screen dialogue box issue. Even after I save the file, close that instance and re-open the file I am still unable to create a new material. I work around this by adding existing materials to my model then editing those materials. This doesn’t happen every time but probably happens every 10ish models I create.

By what process are you attempting to create a new material?

Under the Materials tray I click the Create Material icon.

And then what happens?

I always create materials using File>Import instead. Then I apply the material as a texture on a face in the model. This makes it easy to know I’ve got it the right size from the beginning.

When this issue happens, the next thing that happens is literally nothing. The window doesn’t pop up and continuing to click Create Material does nothing. I create materials vs importing because I re-use them over and over again in the model.

Try Reset Workspace in Preferences>Workspace.

When you installed SketchUp, did you right click on the downloaded installer file and choose Run as administrator?

Importing images as materials doesn’t mean they can’t be reused in the model. I use the import method for materials I intend to keep to use in other models, too.

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I did run as administrator.

I know you can re-use the imported ones, but it’s really quick to just click on the material and click the surface and have it just work. No need to size it or anything.

So you choose one from the predefined materials instead of creating a new one?

I figured it would be easier to do a quick screen capture. I have two instances running of Sketchup at the moment, I literally just had this error pop up on one instance. Now I can close all instances of Sketchup and re-open this file and never again will the materials dialogue box pop up again when I click on New Material. Once it breaks, it’s seemingly gone for good. Again, I took these videos back to back with both Sketchup files already open. This literally just happened to me about 20 minutes ago, so I figured it was a good time to show off the bug. You can see me trying to see if the dialogue box just went off screen, but I’m using keyboard shortcuts that work for me when that happens in Photoshop, etc, to no avail. The dialogue box isn’t off screen, it just never pops up.

This one has the error

This one works fine

The video files shared above aren’t working, trying this again by inserting links.



Here’s my workaround, I’ve been using this for the last year or so, I just add a random existing material to my model and edit that to get the same thing. Just takes an extra step.


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