SketchUp 2023 Crashing with Styles Editing

I’ve recently upgraded to 2023 and have been opening and editing all my 2022 files.
Firstly, styles are sometimes messed up in 2023 from what I set in 2022. Axes are shown as strange dashed lines and geometry is filled all black. I have to edit the style to return it to normal.

Secondly, I am getting intermittent crashing when dealing with scene tabs. The crash seems to be triggered by a change of scene tabs. Bugsplat Crash #9622. I’ve had this happen more than 10 times across different files so far. I’ve resorted now to saving every time I touch a scene tab or style setting.
I’m currently putting it down to teething problems in 2023. Has anyone experienced this or have a fix?

Using Windows 11 V22H2

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What styles are you using? What graphics card? Can you share a SketchUp file that shows this?

Please update your forum profile. It is very out of date.

Ok yes it’s a bit old! I’ve updated now.
I’ll try find a file that crashes regularly and post here

Ok here is an example file.
On my computer, SketchUp crashes when I do this:

  1. select the scene Front 3D
  2. change the view style to say Hidden Line
  3. right click the scene tab and select Update
  4. in the pop-up dialogue select Update the selected style
  5. now select another scene, say Rear 3d - and the program crashes.

I have been able to repeat this error at my end several times, so hopefully you can see it too.
J09 ADVICE DESK.skp (925.8 KB)

I think I’m following your instructions correctly :thinking:

I’m not experiencing any crashing.

Hi Paul, Thanks for trying.
I did a re-install/repair of sketchup just to rule this out (including run as administrator) but I still get the same crash when performing the above commands.

Like Paul I followed your instructions and have yet to get a crash. When SketchUp crashes do you get a Bug Splat? If so, are you sending them in with some identifying information so they can be linked to you?

Perhaps your graphics drivers could stand an update. Go to the Nvidia site and get the latest ones from them.

Ok I see.
I just checked and updated my graphic card driver and re-tested the file - same result.
Bugsplat file sent to Sketchup with my details.
Thanks anyway.

Maybe @colin will have time to look up your Bug Splat report to see if it identifies anything specific. Clearly there’s some difference between your system, Paul’s, and mine.

It looks like only a few crashes like the one you saw have happened to other people. Like the others, I’m not seeing the crash happen.

No crash with SU 2023 on Mc OS 12.6.3 Monterey.

Same problem here.
bugsplat every time I use scene tabs. Didn’t notice any correlation with other apps.
win10 - GTX1050Ti - 32Gb RAM - sketchup 23.0.397

Can you share an example SketchUp file in which this happens?

Please correct your forum profile. It is out of date.
Screenshot - 4_25_2023 , 11_08_30 AM

Add me to the list of people having this problem–crashes when clicking on a scene tab to switch scenes. Has happened 3 times in a row this morning.

I’m running Windows 11 Pro on a Dell Precision 3460, Intel i7-12700 processor, Nvidia T1000 with current driver. Using two monitors, an AcerK24HQL and a Samsung LF24T35.

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This is in SketchUp 2022 as your profile indicates?

Hi Dave–sorry, no, I just updated to 2023 but haven’t updated my profile (I may drop back down to 2022 if more issues keep cropping up).

Can you share a file that crashes? Are you getting Bug Splats? If so, are you sending them in with something to identify they came from you?

im having the same issue with su2023
newly created scene, click another scene, splat. make a change in a scene, right click update. wait couple seconds, click another scene, splat.

I found your 34 bugsplats. The one from two days ago is a different type of crash than all of the others. Most of the crashes are of the same type. Only one of the 34 reports has a description of what you were doing at the time. Were all of the crashes when switching scenes?

Since opening this thread back in March I have noticed my rate of scene-tab-crashes has decreased, but they still happen now and then.
The latest was today with Bugsplat Crash#154184.
My skp file actually crashed 3 or 4 times but the other ones didn’t even go to bugsplat. The sketchup app just instantly disappeared off the screen. When I restarted there was no record of the file in recent history or as a recovery option either.