SketchUp 2021 Rotate (Copy) making radial array?

Can only make 1 copy using “Rotate”…Must Click on Copy to accept…No longer accepts “*(copies)”…protractor jumps to center of copied item? What am I doing wrong? Can’t find any “tips” that work?

are you typing “enter” after typing “*(# copies)”?


you always have to click once to validate a rotation, or type the angle in and hit enter. THEN you multiply.

You need to make one copy first so it can be used as a reference for the array.

Also note that you have to pick the rotate tool, not the protractor

Success! “Angle: 10 (Return) *36”

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You can type: “10 (return) x36 (return)

Incidentally if you don’t know the degrees needed but know the number of copies you can rotate a full circle then divide by the number of copies: “360 (return) /7 (return).

there was no inches symbol, just quotation marks !

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I see that now thanks!

I use this a lot but you must be aware that you end up with 2 at the start/end point, so one needs to be deleted.

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