I can't repeat copying of the sphere


I’m doing this Coursera exercise step-by-step but I’m stuck on the “12/” command.
In course video it is copying circle 12 times in 360 degree space, but in my case it just turn my circle on 12 degree.
I tried /12 command(Error) but it gave me nothing.
How I can do this task?
Also, be kind, can you say how I can find centre of the sphere?

Check out the Skill builder, How to build a Sphere in 6 Seconds.

Yes, thank you, I can make a sphere! But I need next step - to divide sphere into sectors using 12/ command. My task is make a beach ball with red and white sectors.

You could just expose the hidden geometry and paint the faces.


Before you type /12 you have to type the number of degrees, in your case 360 and press enter…

The center of rotation in the video is the global axes

Offtopic: funny how the presenter pronounces axes as asses…:laughing:

Ontopic: I think you would benefit from: learn.sketchup.com

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Thank you!

You should be using the Rotate tool ( Q ) if you want to copy radially.

Select object, pick ROTATE and pick a center point of rotation, set a base line, now move the mouse to start the object moving radially. Now set the object at the last point where you want. You can also enter the number of degrees from the first angle to the next angle.

Finally enter 12/ (for 12 copies equally spaced including the original ) 12X also can be used if you want a certain distance between copies.

Work with rotate more to practice. It’s a bit more challenging than other tools.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas

Beach ball.skp (496.0 KB)

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Let me get in on the act too.

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