Rotating a sphere

Hi to everybody! I find it very difficult to rotate a sphere to a specific direction, because is impossible to stabilize the Rotation tool on the curved surface. Maybe I am missing something but I cannot do it. Could anybody help please?

Move your rotation tool to somewhere in the model where you get the correct orientation, then hold down Shift as you select a point to rotate around.

You could try Move/Rotate.

Make the sphere a group or component
Select it (highlights blue)
Select the move tool (4 red arrows)

Move the cursor toward one of the sides of the blue bounding box and you should get some red plus signs pop up, a rotate tooltip should also display. Click one of these handles and you should be able to uniformly rotate the sphere.

Might be worth a try for your purposes.

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I can’t believe I always forget that one. I think it’s because that function annoys me so often that I boycott it even on the few occasions it could be quicker for me. Here’s a gif of that method.

I hear people complain about grabbing the handles by accident when trying to move, but in this case it may well be ideal.

Yes, that’s why I don’t like it, so I’ve learned to avoid the plus signs. But in this case it definitely saves time, if only microseconds :slight_smile:

Your profile says you are using SU2016. The Arrow keys from that version onwards can lock a Rotate (or Move, Circle, Arc or Polygon tool command) to a particular axis.

Up - Rotate around Blue axis, or Move along it
Right - Red
Left - Green
Down - hold a magenta (perpendicular or parallel) inference

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Dear Thorleyian, MobelDesign and john_mcclenahan, I am so obliged to you guys.
Many many thanks for prompt reply and solutions.


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