Rotate a plane, can't get rotator fixed on a perpendicular plane



When I had to rotate a plane, I used to be able to point to another plane with the rotator tool, and fix the rotator orientation to be the same of that other plane. If I’m not wrong I just had to press Alt (or a similar key) when in that other plane and then I could come to the shape I wanted to rotate in that same direction. But now (maybe since Sketchup 2017?), I can’t.
Is there anything I’m missing?

This is the plane I want to rotate as if it was an unfolded box. I’m trying to make sketchup infer the directiong of the transversal plane (the thin one facing us) of the white figure at the top-left of the pic:

but I can’t make the rotator change from that blue horizontal plane…


If the center of rotation is parallel to an axis, you can use the appropriate cursor key to stand the tool up as needed. Or click and drag along the axis of rotation to stand the tool up correctly.


When placing the tool, click and HOLD DOWN the left mouse button, while holding it down move the mouse to orientate the tool to the required axis. Then let go of the button. ( that’s how I do it anyway)


Oh, that’t not what I remembered… It is actually much more easy and practical … :slight_smile: thanks!


The second method has existed for many years.


Yes, I think tis is what @DaveR referred too.It’s awesome, and I’m sure it’s been there for ages, I’m probably even mistaken about what I used to do or didn’t even manged to know about such a basic and useful practice… Many thanks also for such fast responses! Obrigado,


Yes he did!
I think “click and hold” for some reason (its the same method)


You can also move the rotate tool to any orientation and then hold the Shift key down to move it elsewhere around the model to pick a center of rotation.


This behavior of moving the Rotate tool while holding down the Shift key changed somewhat in 2016. Here’s three examples using 2015, 2016, and 2017:





Very pedagogic :+1: