Rotate tool bug

I’m experiencing a seriously broken Rotate Tool. When dragging with the first click to select a plane on which to rotate, the rotation is not performed correctly (1). When just selecting a plane suggested by the rotate tool (i.e. hovering over a face, using that same plane and clicking once), it works correctly (2).
You can see the problem in this youtube video:
But basically… I would describe it: the rotation will occur around the previous rotation point. If it’s the first rotation, the rotation will occur around 0,0,0 point.
So if I do a rotation using the method that works (2), then using the method that doesnt work (1) will revolve around the first rotation point.

Windows 10 64-bit.
I discovered this bug in SketchUp Make 2015 64-bit. I then updated to SketchUp Make 2016 64-bit, problem persists. I have no extensions. I deleted my AppData sketchup directory between re-installs. Problem still persists.

Hope this makes it to the developers. Thanks.

Hi batukhan, hi folks.

In the following text, a click is a press then a release of the left mouse button (LMB), unless otherwise directed.

The Rotate tool can work in two ways:

1 - Click (press the release of the LMB) on a face to set the rotation plane or place the cursor on a face the press and hold the SHIFT key to lock the rotation plane then click on a point to set the rotation center and then complete the rotation.

2 - Press the LMB (don’t release it) on the intended point to be the center of rotation. While still pressing the LMB, move the cursor along a line or toward another geometry (endpoint, mid-point, center point, etc) to set the axis of rotation. When satisfied of the axis, let go of the LMB. Complete the rotation as usual. With this method, you set the axis of rotation. The plane of rotation is, of course, perpendicular to it.

Just ideas.


I’m sorry, i might have mixed up plane and axis. But it is the 2nd method you talk about that is working incorrectly. I cannot use mouse dragging to select the axis of rotation

Just looked at your video… wow! that is strange. Can you upload an example skp file just to see if it happens on our computers?

As you can see in the video, i just opened a new file (3D printing template). But sure, i can create one file for you. I’ll make a cylinder and “rotate” it a bitrotatebug.skp (1.1 MB)

Thanks. All is working fine on my system.

Can you provide some system specs for us? OS, video card, mouse?
Are there any extensions/plugins running loaded and running in the background?


Well lately I’ve been trying different extensions. But just to be sure, i uninstalled sketchup and deleted the %appdata% sketchup directory. Then i reinstalled SketchUp 2016 64-bit. This is what i used to make the video. A clean install. Nothing changed.
OS: Windows 10 64-bit.
Video card: Nvidia Geforce 960GTX (Palit Jetstream), running official nvidia drivers.
Mouse is just a wireless USB mouse.

That is weird!!! I have had some unique things happen that I finally realized. By doing the steps over I was to blame for not achieving the proper results. From your video there is no argument, pretty cut and dry. I got your file to orient and change axes also. Sounds like a plug-in is running but if you did a clean install without any installed it is a real stumpper. Very interesting and please include anymore // all info from all parties.

Hi folks.

Make sure that you first select the object to rotate, then follow the procedure.

If this doesn’t work, can you attach a skp file with the object that is causing the problem.

Just ideas.


A quick question, if you have no plug-ins running or installed. In the video you first selected what I would guest is a grouped object in/from Makerbot…?? This maybe or is part of the issue, and is not native to SU. Just exploring all possibilities and is this not a plug-in / extension.

Hummm…Makerbot Replicator 2X. Replicator??? and it is replicating the last rotation point even when you click and drag to change the rotation point axes. Just a thought… Peace…

The makerbot is simply a component added to the 3D Printing template. It isn’t a plugin or anything like that, it’s really nothing more than another version of Steve or Lisanne, albeit ridiculously bloating for the template.

The strange behavior in the video is impossible for me to replicate.

That is correct. The Makerbot component is part of the template. Completely native.
But yes, i would assume it’s impossible to replicate since it’s such a blatant bug, you’d have noticed it long ago.
I’m guessing the problem is somewhere in the rotate tool code + my system specifics.

The bug noted showed up on Sketchup V16 as it was working properly in V15. I am running Pro version on a Windows 7 and 10 operating systems with identical issue. The rotate tool “sticks” to the selected plane and not able to move the compass to desired vertex point as stated in the Instructions on use of Rotate Tool.

After some effort and trials, I discovered that “Double Click” + release of the shift key on the desired plane keeps the compass in the desired direction however, it does not work 100% of the time.