Rotating the section plane

How can I rotate the section plane? I have tried several models and it always shows up at right angles to how I want to cut the model.
After working with Tinkercad for several years, Sketchup is enormously frustrating.

Select the section plane, then get the Rotate tool and rotate it.


So I can’t rotate from vertical to horizontal?

What in reply made you leap to that conclusion?

You can rotate the section plane to any angle you want.

You only showed how to rotate the horizontal axis.

So you took it to be the only axis of orientation. I only showed one model but that doesn’t mean that’s the only thing that can be modeled in SketchUp.

Do you need me to show rotating section planes in other directions?

I have figured out how to rotate the model, but not how to rotate or move the section plane.
Nor how to move the model or center the view back on the model.
Too many of the controls seem to be hidden on the free version.

Evidently you haven’t selected the section plane before trying to rotate it.

You should spend some time at

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