Section Plane oriented to original Drawing Axes

When using the section plane tool, it was rotated 45 degrees on the blue axis. The only way to square it up was to rotate the Drawing Axes by 45 degrees.

I don’t recall rotating the Drawing Axes before building the model, but regardless, the section plane tool should be oriented around the current Drawing Axes.

The section plane will be oriented to the geometry unter the mouse cursor. However, you can lock the orientation with the button down key.

Thanks for the reply, but I think you’re missing what I’m saying.

When there is no geometry selected, and the Section Plane tool is chosen, when moving the cursor in the viewport, it is on the green/red axis, but rotated around the blue axis by 45 degrees.

So, if I make a section cut in the model, then select the section plane and Align View, the camera is oriented to the section plane and the model is rotated 45 degrees.

This seems to be normal behaviour

See if your axes need to be reset: right click on an axis in empty space and select ‘Reset’.

The section plane rectangle is always aligned to SketchUp’s unchanged system axes.
You may have created your model according to drawing axes rotated 45 degrees about the blue axis.

Align view on a face or on a section plane also uses the system’s axes. (unchanged axes!)

So it looks something like this?