Section cut tool problem

I’m having a problem with the section cut tool, it is not aligning it’s self with the axes in my model. The section cut turns to 45 deg’s to axes. Any Ideas what I’m doing wrong?


It alignes with the face you move the mouse over. If you want to align it with the axes, you can fix that direction with the shift key after you’ve got the desired direction.

Edit:a little animation…

Thanks Cotty, I know that, the problem is its not working when I hover over a horizontal surface which is on the green & red axes. Can I upload a jpeg to this post ?


Yes, you can…

OK I’ll do that, thanks for the animation,

uploading the skp may be of more use…

It seems you have rotated the axes about blue. The section plane isn’t aligned with the current axes R/G but with the systems axes. Right click on an axis in empty space and select ‘Reset’ in the context menu.

I’ll try that, thanks