Orientation of Section Planes

How to readjust the Template’s original orientation/axes?
Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 21.51.03
When I enable the Section Plane command, this is what appears about the horizontal section… It is outside the orientation established by the axial lines…
Note: I do not have any reference in my drawing that would help me reorient the axial lines…, and the section cut box itself does not serve as a reference to find these orientation points…

Looks like you’ve changed the model axes. Use the cursor keys to align the section plance.

What exactly do you mean by cursor keys?

The arrow keys.

They act the same way…

They act the same way… Interestingly, only the horizontal plane behaves differently…

Share the .skp file.

Gleba 23A.skp (2.0 MB)

I see what the issue is. You’ve moved the axes as I guessed in my first reply. Here’s where they are supposed to be.

Right click on an axis line and choose Reset. Then select your model and move it to near the oring and rotate it to align with the axes.

Also stay on top of the correct tag usage and purge unused stuff frequently.

Screenshot - 1_10_2024 , 7_29_09 PM

Screenshot - 1_10_2024 , 7_29_23 PM

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Thank you very much!
Something so simple, that I couldn’t see…
Also grateful for the tips on eliminating frequently unused items…
Finally, if you have any tips on where I can find more detailed instructions on the appropriate use of Tags, I would appreciate it!

You’re welcome.

I would be asking why the axes were not in their default location.

As for tag usage, I would start with the Help files. In a nutshell:

Keep Untagged active at all times.
Make sure to keep all edges and faces untagged.
Only give tags to components and groups in the model.
Use tags for controlling object visibility for scenes.

One thing that can snag you is if you explode tagged groups or components. The contents will inherit the tag. If you explode a group or component to loose geometry, the very next step while the geometry is still selected should be to go to Entity Info and set the tag to Untagged.

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I certainly moved the axes to be able to make a specific drawing, and I ended up not returning them to their original position. The way to get them back to their original position is a really valuable tip, and easy to follow… Valuable tips also about Tags. Thank you once again!