Horizontal Section Plane Orientation

My Sketchup model is oriented to true north in order to have realistic shadows. I have created a new UCS in order to model on axis with my model. When I add a horizontal section cut the frame is oriented to true north instead of the UCS. The frame is also very large, so large that I am not able to adjust the height of the cut because the view is zoomed to extents to include the entire section frame so that the model is so small in the view I cannot adjust the section plane height. If the section plane was oriented to the UCS then the frame would be much smaller and more manageable.
How do I get the section plane to orient to the UCS instead of true north?

It would help if you share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got.

The size of the section plane is based on the the area covered in the context of the model. If you make a group of the part of the model you want to section and then open that group to add the section plane, it’ll only be large enough to encompass the context inside the group.


Section 4 is inside the object containing the wooden parts it only cuts them. There’s another small section plane shown in orange cutting just that component, too.

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This suggests you have some geometry a long way from the model.


That makes sense. I created the a new horizontal section cut inside the group and it did get to a manageable size, but the orientation is still off. When I go to the top view my model (floor plan) is skewed at a weird angle (true north, not green axis north). I’ve tried to delete the true north setting but the solar north tool keeps reverting back to the original setting despite my attempts to set north back to the zero, or the green axis.
How do I restore the Sketchup default north?
Thanks again.

Do I upload the model somehow or just attach it to this email?

Changing the orientation of the global axes does not change the rotation of the plan view or “true north”. When the axes are in their default orientation the green axis points north. The axes don’t drive that. You can rotate the camera in the plane view if that’s what you want to do.

Here I’ve rotated the global axes away from their default orientation.

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Go directly to the forum and share the file by dragging and dropping it into a reply. Or, if the file is too large to upload directly, upload to drop Box or Google Drive and share the link.

That worked - thanks so very much!