Rotating a Plan Section Plane

Hi, I know I am missing something fundamentally basic here, sorry! But I can’t figure out how to rotate my plan section plane. I imported an architects model which is orientated to the real world location, I have updated my drawing axis, but when I introduce a new plan section it is orientated to the original axis co-ordinates, and it doesn’t seem to want to rotate. I watched the other help post video, but I can’t work out what I’m doing differently so that it doesn’t work. The section is orange (ie selected) when I select the rotate tool, but as I hover the tool it goes blue, and then when I’m done using the rotate tool and click off, the section goes back to orange suggesting it was still selected. Please help it’s driving me up the wall.


there is no need to rotate it. the section plan will automatically resize itself to accommodate your model. I get that it’s visually weird, but it’s a result of you changing the axis (as you should) for comfort.

rotating the section plan can only be done, in this particular case, on a red / green axis to make the plan vertical or oblique. but yeah, you can’t rotate it on the ground, and you don’t need to anyway :wink:

Hi, Thanks for replying. Yes I know it will accommodate the whole model, but I do still need to rotate the section plane because otherwise when I align to the section cut view for my plans they’re all on the angle. So obviously then when import it into layout the section view comes in at the angle. I want all my drawings orientated to the model axis otherwise I have to rotate all the viewports and it’s a complete faff.

There is still no need. SketchUp standard views like Top do not follow the section plane but your model axis.
Is the section plane inside a group or component that has been rotated?

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ah amazing, thanks sorry I was being slow. I selected my pre set up plan views, and they were orientated to the original axis, but if I recreate the section views using the top view - problem solved! thanks so much.