Suggestions for Sketchup RotateTool Improvements


It would be immensely useful if the rotate tool, once engaged, could change planes: Red, Green, Blue, Pink by clicking either arrow keys, shift or control keys.

a smarter, component edit show/hide, so that sub groups within a group remain visible when editing one of the subgroups.


You can choose and lock the orientation of the rotate tool by pressing arrow keys or shift before you start a rotate operation. Once the rotate is underway, SketchUp starts looking for inferences of what you want to grab for the rotate and you can’t change your mind about the axis.

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But you can always hit escape, and the operation will be canceled with the rotate tool staying focused where you left it. So if you are already rotating and want to change your mind: ESC>arrow key will put you focused in the same spot ready to rotate on a different locked plane.


That is exactly how it works right now.

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And has done since at least SU2016, but not in 2014. I no longer have 2015 installed, so can’t check and don’t remember whether this use of the arrow keys came in with v2015 or 2016 - I think the latter but am not sure.

You used to have to get the orientation either from a face, or by click-dragging the protractor tool along an axis, then hold Shift to lock it.

Sure, but the original poster is using 2018, so that isn’t really relevant.

I know - was answering more generically for anyone else who sees the topic and has an older version. Slightly OCD on my part - sorry!


It really helps the SketchUp team if each request has it’s own thread. “Wishlist” type threads are just beyond confusing when more than a couple ideas are discussed and debated. (Ie. this thread should be about improvements only to the RotateTool, and relabeled as such.)

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My bad, right after posting I noticed that before “Locking” the rotate tool, the arrow keys affect the orientation.