I want to do multiple copies of a ring while rotating them - "upwards"



I have a ring with a support structure in it. Let’s say the ring is lying in the red-green plane. What I want to do is copy it upwards (along the blue axis) and simultaneously rotate it in the red-green plane around its center.

I can make multiple copies and rotation like shown here.

Is there a way I can do this quickly?

I imagined something like selecting it, move it while holding ctrl and then typing in the distance and rotation angle (eg. 3cm,30°,10x).


I believe you can do that with this plugin: CLF Component Stringer
Check this link for more info about the plugin.

Here is a demonstration:


Hmm, I tried this plugin but could not get it to work (I’m using Sketchup 2017 and it seems to not be compatible with this version). Also none of the examples shown in the video match what I want to do. The closest is what is shown at 6:49, the bricks are rotated around the straight line. What I want is a bit different: I want the bricks shown to be rotated around their center and then copied ontop of the other.


So put the straight line through the centre of the brick and rotate around that.


It would be useful if you place the component’s origin in the center of the ring, that will help to give you the control over the location of each instance.


What I meant when I wrote “could not get it to work” was that the plugin does not work with Sketchup 2017. Sorry I wasn’t clear there.


Good idea.


Works fine for me in 2017.
As Dave mentioned, the position of the axes is an essential part of the position control.
Did you restart SU after you installed it?


Why do you say that?


Because when I click nothing happens. Let me try again.


Since it works for Box and for me in SU2017, I would be inclined to think it’s some step you’re missing.


I think I forgot to make the brick a component. Another question for you (since you are kind enough to answer most of my questions): In his tutorial video to the Component Stringer he draws a sphere real quick. I tried to replicate that, but cannot get to draw a second circle in a different plane. I googled that and found that I seem to have to change my view (make it more horizontal), but I tried and tried but just cannot get the second circle in another plane. Do you know what I’m doing wrong here?


Now with SketchUp its even easier to do it than in the video. After you draw the first circle, hit the appropriate cursor key to create the second one. If you draw the first one vertically with its face parallel to the red axis, hit the up arrow key to draw the second one so it is horizontal.


Thank you! I tried about any key-combination I could think of, I wonder how I missed that.


Maybe you need to spend some time with the help files.


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