Moving a circle around an arc and creating an array or circles

I’m trying to layout a series of holes to be drilled along an arc with the holes equally spaced. I have included a basic 2D example of an arc with a single (component) circle on it. I now want to copy this circle from A to B (cntrl move) then array (/ 9) to generate a total of 10 holes along the arc.

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You’ve given almost the right process. So is there a question?

It is done just as you describe it, except that you use the Rotate tool instead of Move.


Make sure the circle is selected. To get the inference for using the rotate tool, point at the end of the arc, and you should see the center point of the arc. Then you can click there as your starting point, click in the middle of the first circle, hold down the modifier key to make it become copy (ctrl I guess), and click at the end of the arc. That should give you a second circle, and then type /9 to create the ten circles.

I’m obviously doing something wrong as when I click the circle (component) with the radius tool and hold down the control key I can’t get the circle to slide around the arc and make a copy of itself.

The first click of the rotate tool would be at the center of the circle that the arc is part of.

Thanks for your help - its still not working - can I upload a video file of what I’m doing - if so how?

Don’t hold down [Ctrl]. Just hit it once to get the **+**sign at the tool cursor to indicate that you are now moving or in your case rotating a copy, leaving the original behind.

Is that correct with the Windows version, that holding the control key doesn’t work, but a brief press does? On Mac, with the Option key, you can do it either way.

I think the problem is going to be that the first click with the rotate tool was somewhere on the arc, and not at the center point of the circle the arc is part of.

As for posting a video, click the icon above the text area when you’re typing your response. The icon that looks like a hard drive with an arrow going upwards. Then you can choose the video file from your hard drive.

When you chose the rotate tool you then clicked on the arc. At the time you do that you’ll see there is another inference point lower down, at the bottom of a triangle where the other two ends are the ends of the arc. It’s that center point that you want to make your first rotate tool click. Then the second click is on the circle, tap ctrl, then move over to the end of the arc to make your third click.

BTW, your video was AVC encoded, and didn’t want to appear in the browser window, but it played ok as a downloaded file. H.264 encoding is more normal for web video.

Thank you so much - not very intuitive (in Sketchup) but I got it thanks to your help.

The intuition you were missing is that the first click is at the center you mean to rotate around. The second click is on the entity you want to rotate around that center.