Rotating jumping

When I rotate an object so it lines up with another object the minute I click to finish rotating it then jumps past where I want it to be.
So how to solve the problem please.

Hard to tell exactly without seeing it. Upload the .skp file so we can see what you are trying to do.

W.A.G. You have snapping enable for rotation and it’s snapping to the nearest interval.

I can make it line up it’s just when I click to finish it jumps. Sometimes it looks fine until you zoom in then you see a gap.

Again, upload the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

Here is the file it has 8 objects all the same that need to be joined together to sort of form a circle.
rummoli wooden board 2.skp (26.6 KB)

I have no problem rotating them.
But they leave me with two questions, do you know they won’t form a circle as they are not 45deg segments? and do you know how to make an array using the rotate tool and ctrl?

I know they will make a circle but what I mean is it will be a circle but the edges aren’t round. Also I don’t know how to make an array using the rotate tool and ctrl as I have never done it.

My point is your wedges are ~44.4 deg which will not form a complete shape, the 8 wedges need to be 45 deg each to complete the shape.
Here is a video on arrays.

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Thanks for the video. How to tell my wedges are 44.5 degree and whats the best way to make my wedges 45 degree.

If I were modeling that I would have started by drawing an octagon with the Polygon tool. Do you need each sector to be an infividual component?

check the angle using the protractor tool and see the degrees in the little box in the lower right corner.

To rotate an array. Box showed how, the only thing you can’t tell is he pressed the “ctrl” key after selecting the object and the rotate tool, before performing the rotation. After rotation he also typed “x6” for the number of copies he needed. You will notice he snapped to the sides of your wedge shape to set the angle of rotation. If the wedge were 45 degrees it would have completed the circle. There’s good videos about this sort of thing in sketchUp Campus

ctrl on windows.


Thanks for all the help I will give it a go.

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I have now done it so thank you everyone that helped.

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