Circle array a solid trapezoid


I need to do array a trapezoid around a circle, but i can not do it pls help me.


A trapezoid, rectangle, edge, hamster or elephant arrayed around a circle is all the same.

Where are you having a problem?

Image or model would help.


Hi, thank you for your reply
I need to make a full circle with attached trapezoid
but i could not



It looks like you have a solution…is there still a problem?


i did it one by one
and it takes a lot of time
i dont know which command to use it to do it in one shot
by the way i am a new sketchup learner


What you couldn’t see in Box’s animation is that after you rotate copy the first one you can enter something like 30x into the VCB to repeat the rotate copy that many times.


ok i will do it thanks a lot


You need to know the number of components to array and how they fit together.
The number of degrees in a circle etc
But the very basics are,
Select the object, activate the rotate tool, click on the rotation point, click ctrl once to copy, start the rotation and type 360 and hit enter then type the number of divisions then / and hit enter.

This will place a copy of your trapezoid the number of times you have specified between 0 and 360 deg.


@nader604 Select the ROTATE tool… find your center point, click there then select a point on your block… press and hold the Control button and rotate the block to the location where you want the last block to be… click the left mouse button… the type / followed by the number of additional blocks desired and press ENTER… (for a total of 24 blocks, type /23)… SU will automatically fill in the blocks for you…

Hope this helps,


One good tip, remember that circles are made of segments, so draw a circle with the correct number of segments. Then make your shape in one of the segments and array that the correct number of times.


Thank you for your help
you are great