Circular array creation

So I was looking at the training video on creating “circular arrays” using the protractor tool, copy, and the input box. I get semi-circular or arcs fine, but how do you create an array that is a complete circle? If I move the protractor 360 and drop a copy, then type the forward slash and number for internal array, nothing happens, so it obviously sees that as zero degrees?

If you dropped your copy at 359 it would work fine, but that’s not the point, if you know the exact degree you want the last copy to be placed put it there and do your division.Technically you don’t want to put a copy at 360 because it is on top of the original.
The easiest workaround for this is to start the copy moving then type 360 enter /20 enter.
Then remember to remove the extra one that is now at the 0/360 point.

Box, well I get that to work apart from the last bit about moving an extra copy away. Are there two objects superimposed? If so, maybe I am moving both of them away? I end up with a space in the circle, whatever I’m doing.

Ahh…so you made the cube a group?

You are probably using loose geometry rather than a group or component. If that’s the case there is nothing to remove as the geometry will merge.
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