SketchUp 2021 on MacOS frequent crashes


For the past few weeks I’ve been experiencing crashes at random points in my modelling work. I’ve reached out to SU support, but they were unable or unwilling to assist (despite being a pro-subscriber). Their only pointer was to uninstall plug-ins which seemed to improve things…

Crashes still occur, though. Last week, I updated to MacOS Monterey - it wasn’t until after this update that my contact at SU support asked me about my os version. When they saw that I was on the latest os version, support ceased, because Monterey is unsupported…

Since the crashes happened before and after upgrading the OS, I don’t think that’s the issue.

On a broader note: Does anyone else feel that if Trimble offers a software for mac, they need to support the latest OS versions? It’s not like this update came as a surprise to anyone… There should have been ample time to test compatibility with Monterey prior to its release.

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OS versions are a moving target. When SketchUp 2021 was released there obviously was no Monterey.

So your crashes are caused by your plugins. Have you contacted the plugin authors?

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I am on Big Sur still and SU21. I have quite a few extensions but I haven’t experienced multiple crashes.

I updated my Mac about a year ago. I previously had a late 2012 Mac. I had many more crashes with that. So age (or power?) of machine may have a bearing.

Yes, of course. But as @Anssi has pointed out, this may be part of the usual software arms race in which one element is updated and leaves another behind in a never ending game of leapfrog.

My own habit (shared by many) is not to upgrade too early. Let others feel the pain first!


IMO the operating system is the most boring part of a computer, and I fail to understand why so many people are so excited about new OS upgrades. I try to follow the philosophy “if it works, don’t touch it”. Computers are mostly solid state devices that don’t require lubrication.

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I agree. And I can’t help feeling that we may be approaching software maturity generally where the law of diminishing returns kicks in. Of course, the market has become used to seeing something shiny and new at regular intervals, but it seems to be harder and harder for the marketing departments to trumpet the new arrivals. “Greatly to find quarrel in a straw” as Shakespeare had it.

I slightly suspect this affects Su too…

As is mentioned every year when a new version of MacOS comes out, we strongly recommend waiting to upgrade. At least take time to allow an update or two before making the switch on a production machine.

At this point, we do not have a version of SketchUp that has been tested on Monterey and thus we don’t have a version we support. We’re looking into issues, but I don’t have an ETA as to when an update may be available.

Stay on Big Sur if that’s an option (which obviously it isn’t if you just bought a brand new Macbook Pro) and keep an eye here for updates.


Hello Anssi,

sorry for the late response - I just fished this thread out of my spam folder…

I’m a strong believer in always having the latest software - mainly for the updated features, which I feel are still steadily improving, but also to have the latest security updates etc.

I already removed all the non-Trimble plug-ins. It didn’t make much of a difference.

My issue is that Apple announced the new OS well in advance and Trimble needs to ensure that they stay compatible (e.g. by issuing updates/patches) by the time the OS is released.

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