Crash on launch of SketchUp in macOS Monterey

These are very early days to be able to spot a trend, but we have had reports from people who saw SketchUp crashing on launch with macOS 12.0. SketchUp works fine for me on iMac and MacBook Pro, both running 12.0.1. We had a report from one person who updated to 12.0.1, and that fixed the problem.

So, please do check if there is a macOS update waiting for you.

I will edit this post later if we learn more about the problem.

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I’ve just done a clean install of Monterey 12.2 on my 27"Mac and installed sketchup 22.
Crashes on startup unless I startup with extensions disabled.
I have no extensions yet but my Spacemouse won’t work (it works outside sketchup).
On my last update I had to move the plugin (?) from the previous sketchup version and overwrite the installed version and it was fine- but now I have done a clean install I have nothing to go back to (makes sense? it was 6 months ago and I can’t really remember what I did).

I have gotten repeated crash on open from SU 2022 and the 10.7.0 driver from 3DConnexion. A couple of days ago I sent them six crash reports from the prior 3days . They are investigating.

Have resolved the issue- as with all previous crash issues it seems it was the mouse driver- I unplugged the mouse and uninstalled the drivers. Apparently you need to install them AFTER installing Sketchup. Did a new download from the website.
Everything now seems to work and the extensions have reappeared.
Fingers crossed.
FYI- iMac with Intel chip, Monterey 12.2

Try rebooting the Mac and then launching SketchUp. For me SU will always crash on launch the first time after a reboot. Usually if I just relaunch it a few times it finally gets going and the all is well until the next reboot. I have shared crash reports with 3DConnexion, and they say they are looking into it.

I noticed this too, it’s as if starting up a few times paves certain paths…

Yeah. My current theory is that it somehow involves the background helper processes that 3DC uses. I suspect that the SU extension lauches one and then doesn’t wait or check for whether it is ready before trying to press onward. We’ll see what they say after they peruse the crash reports I sent them.

Exactly the same here. Removed 3dconnexion software 3 times now, reboot, reinstall, reboot, plug in space mouse, reboot - still SU22 crashes (unless load w/o extensions). I see Monterey 12.2.1 update is available - will try that.

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I have 12.2.1 installed. It has no effect on the bug, as it is in 3Dconnexion’s SketchUp extension, not in macOS. A couple of us have sent crash reports to 3DC to study. Only time will tell how long it takes them to fix it (their track record on Mac is very slow).

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Well no surprise that the Macos update did nothing - it was worth a shot. So we have 10.7.0 that works for some users and not for others. Ive moaned about how frustrating the annual SU update has become in respect of keeping the space mouse going. But now, its unusable and going back to SU without a spacemouse is like going back to a horse to get to work. So I guess im stuck with SU21 for now…

So for no obvious reason, after multiple reboots, its working - go figure. Trimble/SU, @colin, PLEASE strike a deal with 3DConnexion - in exchange for marketing the spacemouse products in Sketchup, 3DConnexion gets their act together with not only a more robust driver but also one that will survive the annual update. The amount of positive exposure @TheOnlyAaron gives them, I’d have thought they’d jump at it. Until that day, I must say I feel I’ll be unlikely to stay in the SU family.

To be fair I only have to do the one reboot but it sounds like we have been experiencing identical problems over the years.

I just updated My MacBook Pro to Monterey 12.2.1 - First issue was that my 3D Connection CadMouse buttons stopped working - they walked me through updating the drivers for the mouse, still did not work until I changed to bluetooth connection.
Now I can not load my SU Pro 2021 unless I load without extensions.

3D Connection was very helpful again - they suggested I replace my 3DxNavLib Folder with a new one and it fixed the issue I was having with my space mouse as well as SU crashing. I am back functioning as expected.

Please expand on this for our benefit. Where is this folder and what do you replace it with?

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This is the note sent (via email) from 3D Connection Tech Support. They sent a link to the folder.

He said:

"As for the crashing, we can try this.


Make sure Sketchup and the 3Dconnexion Home application are not running.

-Let’s replace the navlib folder.

-Download this 3DxNavLib Folder that is linked here.

-In this folder is another folder named 3DconnexionNavlib.framework. You are going to navigate to Macintosh HD > Library > Frameworks and copy 3DconnexionNavlib.framework folder there replacing the current one.


-Once you reboot go to System Prefs → Privacy & Security . There should be an “Allow”/”Allow Anyway” or ”Enable”. Click Allow. See screen shot example.

-Test the device.




Thanks for the instructions and the link. I have followed them and, at least on the three restarts I have tried so far, SketchUp now launches without crashing! If that turns out to be just a lucky chance I’ll post here again (it would sometimes launch before the fix, but rarely more than a couple of times in a row).

To me, the curious thing is that I and another posted multiple crash reports on 3DC’s official site, got acknowledgement the team saw them, but last I checked, nobody has posted this fix!

Many thanks for sharing - will give it a go as my problem didn’t completely go away

This fix works most of the time, but I have had another crash during extension load since, traceable to somewhere in the 3DC extension.

Have the same issue here, Also uninstall the driver of my space mouse, after 3 days problem returns, and if I have luck my file opens after 30 crashes …

If somebody have a clear explanation on this it will be very helpful…