Crashes, one after another

I am experiencing multiple crashes with 2022 on my MacBook Pro. When I try to reopen, I get the dialogue about extensions causing a crash and a choice to load or skip. If I try to load it just crashes again, if I choose skip it loads but has zero extensions, which makes it pretty useless. I reached out to SU and someone replied asking if I was using a 3Dconnexion Space Mouse, which I am. This person said they were getting reports of troubles with 3D and 2022. That is not much of an answer and certainly of no help. Yesterday I uninstalled 2022 and did a fresh install and it was working until about 30 minutes ago at which time it start the crash/restart cycle again.

I have not seen any posts in the forum where someone has a similar problem, but I am hoping someone in the SU community can provide me with some magic tricks to get 2022 working. Thanks

What exactly is the message in the dialogue. Copy and paste the entire message.

Dave - Here is a screenshot of the dialogue box. Thanks

There is a known issue with 3DConnexion’s driver and Monterey. Several of us have submitted crash reports to them on their forum. So far, no fix. But given their history of glacial development pace on Mac, that’s not surprising. If you try restarting SketchUp multiple times it will usually open after a few tries. Also make sure you have installed their latest driver 10.7.0

Thanks for the update. I did try several times with the start/quit process and you are right, after several tries it opened again. Interesting that in this case the dialogue box re extensions opened up, but the “Load extensions” option was highlighted. I clicked that and magically it opened. Seems my next option is to join the crowd giving feedback to 3D about the problem. I installed the latest 3D update a week or so ago.

Welcome to my world … I have a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro Wireless and since updating this device’s driver a few weeks ago my Sketchup experience is shot to hell.

Under MacOS Catalina with all the current updates, SU-2021-Pro has been crashing frequently: 4 times per day, sometimes when SU is idle in an open window it just crashes to amuse itself I guess. No other program I use is crashing or giving any trouble at all JUST SKETCHUP which uses the SpaceMouse input device.

This is so frustrating, I am in the middle of a large important project and now I need to troubleshoot SU and 3Dconnexion, whose 3D-mouse hardware is adored but chained to software drivers that are almost universally despised. And I thought Trimble was not very good regarding timely software updates, go have a google: “3Dconnexion SpaceMouse drivers”, they make Trimble developers look like saints by comparison to 3Dconnexion.

I will try to downgrade my SpaceMouse driver and report back here with the results. If I see improvement it might help your situation with 3Dconnexion and SU-2022.

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— UPDATE — 2022-03-05

Downgraded 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse-Pro Wireless driver to v10.6.7 (3DxMacCore v1.1.6, Firmware = v4.39). Pleased to report … so far SU-2021-Pro seems more stable: no crashes in the past two days since downgrading to driver v10.6.7. With 3Dconnexion v10.7.0 driver my SU-2021-Pro was crashing 3 or 4 times each day, sometimes as reported above just sitting idle.

A big thank-you to this forum for suggesting the new driver for SpaceMouse was suspected by some to cause SU instability on the MacOS platform. Indications are so far that going back to the earlier driver has helped. One more datapoint anyway.

— UPDATE 2022-03-30 —
Thank you for the previous replies. Good data points … unfortunately for us all.
More confirmation that 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse driver v10.7.0 is related to SU crashes under MacOS Catalina (with latest OS updates). Yesterday I updated once again to driver v10.7.0 after 3 prior weeks of stable SU performance under v10.6.7 having downgraded to that older 3Dconnexion driver after two weeks of, at the time, mysterious daily SU crashes. And yes, one day after updating to driver v10.7.0, SU-2021-Pro crashed on opening leaving a message complaining about extensions.

So once again I am going to downgrade to 3Dconnexion driver v10.6.7 under macOS Catalina until probably months pass and 3Dconnexion dains to address their user’s suffering. What a pitiful software development team they truly are. Perhaps a linux opensource project will rescue us eventually and we can cross-port their driver. While waiting for 3Dconnexion to fix MacOS issues with their drivers I could practice my tennis game and win Roland Garros in the 75+ age division. This seems as likely as 3Dconnexion generating an advanced stable MacOS driver… sigh.

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I’m in sort of the same boat as you. I’m still on v 10.7.0 and Firmware 4.31 on a wired SpaceNavigator. It seems stable under Monterey. I get the same issues with SU crashing on startup. Sometimes if I just touch the SpaceNavigator the app crashes. Sometimes if I rotate using the regular mouse and wait everything is okay. In my case once everything is running then it keeps running properly for the entire SU session. I also get the same popups when it crashes. I just re-open 4 or 5 times and eventually one of them sticks. I put this under the category of “pretty flaky software” and expected better. Good luck.

I’m glad downgrading to 10.6.7 is working for you. Alas, that version is not compatible with macOS 12 Monterey and I think Big Sur will also complain about it. That’s what was the major change in 10.7.0. So downgrading will no longer work for me.

I was getting bizarre crashes in an extension I am developing; some of them repeatable but in situations that made no sense. I concluded that the 3DC SketchUp extension was likely destabilizing SketchUp in general, so I disabled it by renaming the changing the registrar file’s extension to .rb! So far (knock on wood) no further crashes. I’m hoping that isn’t just a lucky coincidence.

Based on conversations with them, I can confirm that both the SketchUp development team and the 3DConnexion team are aware of the issue. But they have given no feedback on whether they have a handle on the source or a timeline for addressing it.

I had a similar issue with a windows version where I was unable to install the driver, the exe that installed the driver would fail due to incompatibility with old hardware and new system (I think from memory). I solved the problem by installing the actual plugins directly which allowed the spacemouse to work fully with Sketchup. At least with windows, may be different with Mac, the driver installer is just distributing the relevant files around the system and adding the rather useless extraneous bits. I even used the plugin files from a Mac to do it, I assume they were Mac as it was Aaron that sent them to me.
Anyway, no idea if this is useful but you never know.

Did you guys got any solution?

I have contacted 3D Connexion support a few days ago and receive a fix that works.

Here is what they recommend:

-Make sure Sketchup and the 3Dconnexion Home application are not running.

-Download this 3DxNavLib Folder that is linked here.

-In this zip folder is another folder named 3DconnexionNavlib.framework . You are going to navigate to Macintosh HD > Library > Frameworks and copy this new 3DconnexionNavlib.framework folder out of the zip file to replace the current one that is on your machine.

-Reboot – this is a key step in the process

-Once you reboot go to System Prefs → Security & Privacy > General. There should be an “Allow”/”Allow Anyway” or ”Enable”. Click Allow.

-Open SketchUp. If you see a message from SketchUp asking to enable extensions, please select enable

-Test the device.

I have use this method and it works for me.

Hope it helps.

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