3D connexion Space Mouse drivers 10.2.3 and Raylectron

Hi, Just recently, (in the last 3 days) I have had issues crashing when I open up certain files. There are 3 files that this effects. The things that these files have in common are: They all have components imported from the previous SU version. 1 file has components from 2014 as well. All of these files are plan sets in Layout as well. I have been working with these files for more than 3 months and have never had a problem with any of them. They are all different versions of the original concept drawings.

I do have a 3D mouse and have re installed the drivers to no effect. This picture is of the window that pops up for the 3D mouse. As soon as you click on yes or no, it will crash. The odd thing about the warning box is that the model is not in parallel projection when I open it up, but, sketch up thinks it is apparently. I uninstalled the mouse and drivers and it still crashes.

The last view in layout was a line drawing in parallel view when I closed that, but not in the model space. Changing the view in layout and saving and closing then restarting SU has no effect.
I am at a loss.
Does anyone have any similar issues?

The answer is: This is a hardware issue and not a Sketch up issue. The 3D mouse drivers have been stable until now, so I have no idea what started this.

I figured this out and thought maybe this information might help someone else, so I am posting it here. The current 3Dconnexion drivers 10.2.3 have a fatal conflict with the Raylectron http://raylectron.com/ rendering extension at least in 64 bit windows. It works fine until you send to Layout. Apparently the conflict happens with theses drivers after that. All of them work fine together until Layout gets involved for some reason. I uninstalled the Raylectron extension in SU and the space mouse works fine now.

Hope that helps.