SketchUp 2021- 3Dconnexion

3D connexion mouse does not work with sketchup 2021 !! Why??

Did you download and install the latest drivers from 3D Connexion?

There a numerous threads on this topic as usual after every new Sketchup release. 3D Connection has to update their drivers and they seem to have done that.


Thank you!! Then have to wait …

…or install the beta driver on a link, which is works fine for me.
(I assuming the version 10.7.0 official Windows driver previously installed already.)

I called the beta support team and asked for the new beta driver for Sketchup they sent it to me i installed on my computer with Sketchup 2021 installed and it worked fine or you can wait for new drivers for 2021 not sure when that will be.

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