3d Connection 3D mouse does not work on the latest version of Sketchup

Even though I have downloaded the latest version of the drivers for 3Dcconnexion, the mouse will not work on the 2024 version of Sketchup. Help, how do I fix this?

This is not true. Mine works perfectly.

Not sure if relevant but my version is:

How did you install the drivers?
Does 3D Connexion show in the Extension manager?

I hardly ever mess with those drivers since I know the community regards them as flaky.
Take my statements with a grain of salt.

I believe - I installed the 3dconnexion driver on it’s own and it detects sketchup and google earth and the rest through it’s separate driver and installed the appropriate software. I DO see a 3dconnexion plugin in SKP labeled as version 5.5. I do not believe I installed this manually.

Looking in my apps folder where I save all the app exe files before installing, I do see an old 3DxSketchUp_v5-2-0_r17889_x64.zip from 2021 that may or may not be related.

I do not recall my 3d mouse NOT working when I upgraded from 2023 to 2024 as in, I believe, it worked out of the box.

My most recent driver I installed on it’s own was 3DxWare64_v10-8-19_r3708.exe but this was for unreal engine and other software not SKP.

When I have had space mouse probs in the past, the 3dconnextion forum has led me to my solutions…

The way of 3Dconnexion drivers is:

  • The driver must be installed after any apps that it will affect. That includes after updates such as a new version of SketchUp.
  • The installer will search for apps and add its extensions to those it finds, including all installed versions of SketchUp. In some cases you may need to run the 3dconnexion Home app and specify the properties desired for a specific app, or to try adding an app that is not listed.
  • In some peculiar cases, it may be necessary to uninstall the previous driver, reboot, and then install the latest driver.