SketchUp Pro 2024 - 3D Connexion SpaceMouse

3D Connexion SpaceMouse didn’t work after updating to SU '24.

Latest driver solved it.

3Dconnexion Software


… 3DxJFD is saying that it works.

so for 24’ users, don’t forget to go grab the latest driver. it’s already there.

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This is normal. The 3dconnexion driver discovers what versions of SketchUp are on your computer and installs its extension in the ones it finds. You have to download and install the latest driver after you upgrade SketchUp.

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I already had the latest space mouse driver since the new version of unreal came out. It does not work for unreal 5.4 but…

It worked perfectly with SKP 24 with no need to do anything on my end.

Previous and new working in Unity also… (2022.3.2.1f1)