Space mouse to work with SketchUp 2021 any solution will be appreciated

Hello team, yes I have upgraded to the newest version of Sketchup 2021 and was really looking forward to jumping in with both feet but hit the wall before I even gave the second command. Seems my SpaceMouse is not working with the newest version of SketchUp. Does anyone know when updated drivers are expected? And no I can’t go back…I already saved the latest project in the new format so I would have to download the original version and start all over. This is seriously impairing my work schedule.

There are numerous threads on this topic already. the 3D Connexion folks are working on updated drivers and will have them available soon.

Do a [menu]File->Save As and choose an older version.
If you accidentally removed a prior version ( not sure what you mean with ‘original), install it again and continue