SketchUp and 3Dconnexion Space Mouse Pro Wireless

I have been using my Space Mouse Pro Wireless 3D mouse with SketchUp Pro for several years. Recently I upgraded to SketchUp Pro 2021 Classic License. Just prior to that I upgraded to MacOS Big Sur. About the same time I got a message from 3Dconnexion saying there was a new driver available.Thinking that it was going to make sure that my computer, SketchUp, and Space Mouse were all interoperable I attempted to download and install. No such luck. The driver update failed and I contacted 3Dconnexion tech spt. After exchanging emails for three (3) days the tech asked what operating system I was using. When I told him he indicated that I needed to download and install the beta version because their current driver set did not work with Big Sur. He went on to say that the Space Mouse Pro did not work with SketchUp. This, of course, irritated me just a bit. Does anyone have any experience with the Space Mouse and SketchUp Pro? What does Trimble have to say about the Space Mouse and SketchUp.

For 2021 the driver for windows will be coming, there is a beta version. For Mac the major releases can break things. Be patient, a driver will come. When versions change there are headaches sometimes, part of doing business.

As RLGL indicates, there’s a new driver coming from 3D Connexion. There is at least one thread on this topic already and a representative from 3D Connexion has weighed in. It sometimes takes 3rd party developers a little time to catch up with new software releases. This isn’t unique to SketchUp. If you don’t want to deal with this sort of thing next time, wait a week or so after initial release to give these 3rd parties a chance to issue their updates. It’s the same thing with extensions, too.

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Yes sir, I have experienced those headaches in the past. What is most disconcerting is the tech’s statement that the Space Mouse Pro does not work with SketchUp at all. When I challenged him he did not respond. As far as I’m concerned my trouble ticket is still open but they are not working with me any more.

This isn’t a thing for SketchUp to fix. This is a thing for 3D Connexion to fix and they are fixing it.

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Yes sir, I understand that. I hope they are.


Did you read the comments from the person who works for 3D Connexion?

So now you can consider your ticket with SketchUp closed.

How about completing your forum profile with SketchUp version and license type along with graphics card? Are you still using El Capitan as your profile shows?

What’s with the image of the gun? Is that an indication you’re planning something if they don’t update their drivers?

I see his comments now, thanks. I will complete my profile. Thought I had done that. That is my Combat Infantryman’s Badge (CIB). Earned in VN. Thanks.

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Thank you.

And thank you for your service.

I knew what the badge was but didn’t see how it was relevant to your post.

Slightly off topic, but I found an SVG file for the musket rifle. I imported that and cleaned it up, for anyone who wants the challenge of given it some body. I couldn’t find any reference images for this exact rifle.

musketrifle.skp (275.3 KB)

The model is intentionally bigger than life size, to help with small geometry issues. You can scale the final component to the right size.

Thank you, sir but what you have there is an Expert Infantryman’s Badge (EIB). This was earned by passing a rigorous test (not sure that it still exists). The CIB is earned by serving in combat as an infantry soldier and actually coming under fire. Didn’t mean to get anyone stirred up.


I read about the differences, and someone is welcome to model the wreath part. I think the musket is the same in both badges.

Hey all.

3DConnexion has fixed the SketchUp driver for 2021 on Big Sur.

Thank you 3D Connexion team members who have been reading and lurking on the forum.

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Hi All,
Just downloaded beta driver v10-7-0_r3274
Installed on BigSur and SU2021Pro

using SpaceMouseWireless and CadMouseWireless.

CadMouse works fine via Bluetooth,

but having issues with SpaceMouse. I can’t configure few options:
1st Macros not responding at all
2nd can’t align any “Modifier keys” to any buttons.
I’m aware that this is beta just pointing out known issues.

if You have a quick fix let us know :slight_smile:


Are you referring to the Beta version or have they come up with the final solution? I have the Beta version installed on my MacBook Pro running Big Sur. I can’t get SketchUp Pro to work at all and that is what 3Dconnexion is telling me should be the case.


Yes that is correct. What is the version of the Beta Driver that you are using?

I downloaded the beta driver v10-7-0_r3274 and no joy. My SpaceMouse Pro Wireless will not work at all. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?


I have the same thing that you have except in the Configure window I have SketchUp. My SpaceMouse Wireless Firmware is also different: 1.05. Should I update the firmware? Any idea about how to do that? Thanks for your help.


I also notice that when I move my SpaceMouse control my regular mouse pointer moves. I don’t ever remember that happening before.


You should report these issues to 3DConnexion so they can include a fix in their beta. They don’t regularly watch this forum.