3D Connexion driver Support for 2021

It seems that the 3D Connexion products have not yet supported 2021😪. Look like we have to wait for the next driver version in the coming days…weeks.

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I manually copied the files from the 2020 Plugins folder to 2021’s and everything seems to work!


Anyone know if this has been resolved yet? I’m holding off on installing 2021 - its hard to live without my space mouse…


Previous releases have taken weeks or more before a new release to support the new version. You may want to try manually copying the files (you can always delete them if you don’t like how it works in 2021).

Copying the files manually worked for me. I would be surprised if 3DConnexion supports SU 2021 until after they finish the beta of their update for Big Sur, which currently doesn’t support SketchUp at all.

As far as I know, there was no change to the API/Ruby interface, so it makes sense that what worked in 2020 works in 2021.

It might work on a Mac not Windoze. The 3D Connexion files install to the AppData\Roaming not the Plugins folder. I am curious to know where the hook is for the Plugins folder.

Should be in the Plugins folder in user AppData/Roaming/… right?

There are two options for the windows location which work up to 2020, neither work in 2021. they both throw load errors which suggest there has been a change in the Ruby, but only on win not mac.
For example I get this.
Error: #<NoMethodError: undefined method AttachSkpExtension' for TDx:Module> c:/programdata/sketchup/sketchup 2021/sketchup/plugins/3dxsketchup/3dxsketchupext.rbe:24:in module:TDx
c:/programdata/sketchup/sketchup 2021/sketchup/plugins/3dxsketchup/3dxsketchupext.rbe:10:in <main>' C:/Program Files/SketchUp/SketchUp 2021/Tools/extensions.rb:197:in eval’
C:/Program Files/SketchUp/SketchUp 2021/Tools/extensions.rb:197:in require' C:/Program Files/SketchUp/SketchUp 2021/Tools/extensions.rb:197:in load’
C:/ProgramData/SketchUp/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/Plugins/3DxSketchUp.rb:28:in register_extension' C:/ProgramData/SketchUp/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/Plugins/3DxSketchUp.rb:28:in module:TDx
C:/ProgramData/SketchUp/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/Plugins/3DxSketchUp.rb:11:in `<top (required)>’

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On Windows, 3DConnexion installs their stuff in

C:\Users\All Users\SketchUp\SketchUp xxxx\Plugins

where xxxx is the version number, not in the normal Plugins folder. I haven’t yet tested this for 2021 as I mainly use Mac.

I believe the default location on windows is
C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp YEAR\SketchUp\Plugins

The path to 3D Connexion files is : C:\Users…\AppData\Roaming\3Dconnexion. (Copied from the Windoze Explorer address bar.)

I’m getting this too. Tried both locations.

I just tried it under Parallels Windows 10. It seems the path I gave may be a link to that one or vice-versa! I copied into the place I gave, and the same files appear in the one you gave. However, on launch I get the same error messages as you did. Copying worked fine on Mac. No idea why that would fail on Windows…

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This version updated Ruby so a recompile may be needed.

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This is where the ‘user specific’ plugins are stored:

3Dconnexion puts their Extensions into the global repository:
C:\Users\All Users\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\SketchUp\Plugins

Further, C:\Users\All Users is just a soft link to the C:\programdata folder…

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Thank you, I was unaware of this location.:slightly_smiling_face:

Thank God install of 2021 left 2020 alone. I find all the folders folks are pointing to but don’t get what to do with them or which to copy where… this sucks.

From where to where? Can you provide any detail? Thank you.

If you have windows you need to wait for a new driver to be released.