Problem with extension manager - 3D Connexion

After starting SU 2022 on Mac OS, I get a message stating that there is an extension that must be updated.

I open the extension manager and see that the 3D Connexion plugin needs to be updated.

The problem is that both icons “Mettre à jour” (Update) and “Déinstaller” (Uninstall) are greyed out.

I checked in Library/Application support/SletchUp 2022/SketchUp/Plugins and I cannot see anything with the name 3D Connexion.

How can I solve this problem. ?

Do you have the latest version of their driver (10.7.4) installed? If not, download it from their website and install it.

I’m surprised there is any message from the Extension Manager, as this extension is not distributed from there! I don’t know how they would be aware it is out of date!

Also, 3DC installs their extension in /Library, not ~/Library. Did you look there? That is probably why the EM doesn’t know how to update or uninstall it! There should be a registrar file 3DxSketchUp.rb and a folder 3DxSketchUp.rb in

/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2022/SketchUp/Plugins

Edit: it appears that their installer is not yet aware of SketchUp 2023 and won’t install for it. I have posted a query on their discussion site asking if they have a timeline for fixing it.

I downloaded 10.7.4 and installed it.

I see this:

Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/3D Connexion/3DxWare/3DxWare.plist

Notice that my Space navigator works in versions 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Notice that if I open the 3D Connexion control panel from System Preferences, I see two entries named SketchUp. This was present even before I upgraded to version 10.7.4. Also, the “Remove Application” menu entry is always greyed out.

That’s what you should see in that folder. You could look at the plist to see if it appears broken. Did you reboot the Mac after the installation? If not, maybe something is stuck in the preferences manager.

I see only one entry for SketchUp in the list. Remove Application is also greyed out on my Mac. I don’t know why that is greyed out specifically for SketchUp. It isn’t for other Applications on their list.

To make sure you have a clean start, I’d suggest running

/Applications/3Dconnexion/Uninstall 3Dconnexion

Then reboot and reinstall the driver again. @simoncbevans has reported previously that he has to disable the macOS firewall during the driver installation to get it to work, though I haven’t needed to do that.

If none of that works, you could try posting a query on their discussion site. Unlike in the past, nick gomes is pretty good about responding to questions there.

It doesn’t appear broken.

I rebooted the Mac several time after the installation.

I see two entries.

It is for all applications on their list.

I will try. I hope I will not loose the working of my Space Navigator with previous versions of SketchUp.

The message in Extension manager is gone.

However, all the other problems are still there.

Well, sorry but I’m out of ideas. You will need to contact them directly. Unlike in the past, they seem to have moderators who actually check the forum once in a while…

Im running and i had no problems with it working before or after i installed 2023.

Technically, i have 1 problem but i believe its working as intended. For me whenever i switch from perspective to parallel it switches the camera to “target camera” from my default of just camera. It doesn’t return to the camera setting upon returning to perspective mode so i need to do it manually… every time.

@jean_lemire_1 Try this fix here. Worked a treat for me and saved me the annual pain in the @rse getting my 3D space navigator working again.

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