SketchUp will no longer work with 3D Connexion Space Navigator on IMac


Brand new Space Navigator will not work with SketchUp. It works in demo mode and Google Earth, etc. but not at all with SketchUp. What gives? Anyone else have this problem. What is solution? HELP!!!


Update the driver. A new one was released recently.


Running on Mac a SU Pro 2017 and have downloaded the latest 10.4.2 Driver for Space Navigator, but unable make it work. Should I have downloaded with SU on? I downloaded with SU off.


It will not make any difference if SketchUp is running. You just have to have the version of SketchUp that woul will be using installed before installing the 3DConnexion software.

If you install and are not seeing the Extension listed (I believe it is called 3DxSketchUp), then I would recommend reaching out to 3DConnexion for support.