3D Connection Spacepilot




Long time sketchup user.
Long time 3D Connection Space Pilot user.
Since 2016 i’m having problems with this combo.
I reinstalled everything twice now, so kind of desperate now.
For some reason the plugin for the space pilot of 3d connection is buggy,
and start to fill up my hard drive.
According to the internet i’m not the only one with this problem.
Many somebody has found a solution to this problem.

Pls let me know

Thanks in advance



Have you installed the latest version of the driver software?


Hi Dave

I believe so.
3dxWare 10 Versio 10.4.3
that’s in my system pref.

the sketchup extension
is 4.4.2 3Dconnexion
it says 2006-2016
so maybe it is not up to date with 2017.

weird thing is i can’t find this extension manually
or can’t find the Author in the store 3Dconnexion.


What is your hardware? You profile isn’t filled in.

I had a similar problem some months ago on Mac, SU 2016 and 2017 using a CADmouse which uses the same 3Dconnexion software and plugin. The plugin is obscurely located on Mac in the system folder /Library/Application Support/Sketchup/Sketchup 2017/Plugins, not the usual user/s home folder ~/Library folder (note the missing ~ in the plugin location).

It wasn’t deleted when I uninstalled the 3Dconnexion software, and until I manually deleted the plugin as well as the drivers, the software ran away with memory - several GB/minute.

Don’t know if there is a similar issue on Windows.

People have reported here that the latest drivers and plugin from 3Dconnection fixed the problem. I’d returned my CADmouse for refund before it became available.


i’m on a mac 10.12.3
Just filled in the profile
I will check out your solution.

Thanks for the reply


Ok so like you said the plugin file’s where in the wrong location.
I moved them to the user library sketchup location
and for now everything seems to work normal.

thanks a lot!


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