3D Connexion driver Support for 2021


3Dconnexion here.

Firstly, we apologise for the delay. Normally, we strive to provide support for new SketchUp versions a few weeks ahead of the application release but didn’t make it this time around.

A driver update will be available in the next two weeks or so. In the meantime, we suggest to get in touch with 3Dconnexion customer service (contacts at http://www.3dconnexion.com) if you wish to use a test build of the software.

Please note that we cannot recommend the use of unverified software in a production environment where data loss cannot be tolerated.

With that said, the changes that we had to implement to software SU 2021 Pro are important (new Ruby implementation) but minor. I do not expect any issues using the pre-release extension for SketchUp.

For macOS 11, we have a new driver beta with support for SU2021. This is pending confirmation, though. The update will be included in “beta 6”.

Edit (Nov 26, 2020). Windows extension with SketchUp 2021 support available from here. The web page will remain accessible until version 10.7.1 of 3DxWare 10 is published on the 3Dconnexion web site (expected in the first half of December).

Edit (Nov 24, 2020). Beta 7 (revision r3274) for macOS was posted today with SketchUp 2021 support. Software can be downloaded from here.


It would be helpful if there was a direct link, I just jumped through many hoops just to make a request.

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Thanks for the update!

I cant get into my account for 3dconnexion assistance to this issue

Please read post #21. It states there will be a driver release shortly.

The poster is replying to post 21 and following the advice in that post in order to be able to test a beta driver.

I realize he is replying to post 21. The beta driver is for Mac only. In his profile he lists Win as his OS.

Post 21 is a bit ambiguous about that. It definitely says there is a beta driver for Mac, but also says

which doesn’t include a statement that it is Mac only. This is important because, as several people reported earlier in this topic, the 2020 driver returns errors from SU 2021 on Windows.

Edit: further clarification - The Mac driver works in SU 2021 but doesn’t install for it automatically. However, it is not yet compatible with macOS Big Sur. That is the main thing they are working on in that beta driver. The Windows driver from 2020 does not work in SU 2021 and awaits an update.

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Your statement is correct however I had a conversation with the support department this morning. I should have included that fact in the above. The beta driver is Mac only. The updated driver will be ready in the coming days.

Currently, we have a “beta” programme for the Mac driver (macOS 11 support). Beta 6 is expected to have support for SketchUp 2021.

On Windows, we’re testing v. 10.7.1 of 3DxWare 10 (driver suite) but the software can be made available to customers upon request. Consider it a last-minute “beta” since we didn’t make it before the SU2021 release.

Hopefully, the above will clarify things a bit. Again, we regret the delay in providing the extension for SU2021.


@ngomes thank you for chiming in here on the forum! In the past we have often felt somewhat ignored by 3DConnexion and it is great to hear from you.


We don’t usually track other vendors forums but I did notice a link to here in a topic on 3Dconnexion’s Forum and, considering the severity of the issue, had to follow up.


And yet I received a reply to my request saying the Beta was only available for mac.

Thanks for your email request. We have a beta version available for testing but on Mac and not Windows.

This is particularly frustrating as the current driver already works for mac but not windows.

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Well I just started a topic…sorry for clouding up the boards…and I emailed support so I hope I get at least a Beta version…sigh…this really sucks…I had no idea I leaned on that stupid “puck” so much…

This always happens with a version change, something breaks. No worries. Welcome to the world of computing.

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Yea this one caught me off guard though. I had no problems with the 2020 change for some reason…and I thought this one would be as easy…guess not…

Version 10.7.1 for Windows is days old. The information hasn’t trickled out everywhere at 3Dconnexion just yet. The release info is normally sent out in bulk once the software is done which isn’t the case at this point. We don’t have a “beta” for Windows (the software is following the usual process and it’s in testing now).

10.7.0 is the one available on the website.
How do we get 10.7.1?
I made the request and was told no beta was available, surely they understand that an unreleased version is a beta.

Do you copy the whole folder or just plugin for space mouse and if so what does that look like?

Thanks for the help.

What’s in a name?

At 3Dconnexion, we refer to a “beta” test as a programme where software is made available to customers following a specific process. This is what is going for the Mac. You will find a download linke and an FAQ tracking the new Mac driver.

Version 10.7.1 for Windows, on the other hand, is just following the usual process. It was not intended to be shared with customers and end-users before it was completed. Exceptionally, we have decided to share the software with customers upon request.

This information takes time to disseminate to all regions.

Just bare with us for a couple of days. Version 10.7.1 will be available to those of you that needed it but we can only do so if you contact 3Dconnexion’s Technical Support team. They’re great.

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