3D Connexion Mouse not working

Every year SketchUp delivers a new version. I, working alone, spend hours reloading and reconnecting what plugins I used on the previous years application. One of the programming geniuses should write a program to reload the updated versions with a few clicks, instead of a day of "oh yeah, that one too"
This year I cannot get my 3D Connexion mouse to connect. T
The buttons on the Space Mouse Wireless work, but not the essential 3D Motion.

I have:

  • downloaded and installed SU2018
  • reloaded 3DWare64 and installed as admin
  • read all the read me texts
  • Stopped and Restarted the Driver

Still no motion, Any help out there???

Here’s a post about the SpaceNavigator. Worked to connect to device for me but controls are inverted
SpaceNavigator in 2018

This may help you
Space Navigator in Sketchup 2018

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