3D Connexion Space mouse Issue (Windows 10)

Hey All,

I Have been using sketchup for many years Using a Space Mouse. Recently my Space Mouse Stopped working in both the 2019 and 2020 versions . Here is what I have Done

System - Windows 10 64 bit

Remedies attempted

  1. Reinstalled new drivers from 3D Connexion - [3DxWare 10 for Windows (64-bit)]10.6.5 Release 02/07/2020
  2. Restarted SU
  3. Made sure the 3Dx extention is downloaded and enabled
  4. Tried it in another CAD program to make sure the Space Mouse Worked

I remember some time ago there was a menu within sketchup to choose what Space Mouse could and could not do.

Any thoughts?

Just some thoughts:
Was SketchUp running when you reinstalled the drivers?
After installing the drivers, did you restart your computer (for me, it prompted me to do so)?

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I share your pain from several issues with 3D Connexion. Is it the wireless mouse. Sometimes just plugging it in will help. Sometimes Window updates will mess it up and so you have to uninstall and reinstall 3DConnexion. Sometimes you get the notice that 3D Connexion has updated drivers. I have had issues with updated drivers and typically tell it to not update. As for installing and reinstalling drivers - You absolutely have to do a real Uninstall, reboot and then delete all left over folders from 3Dconnexion, reboot and then reinstall. I have had issues with their updated versions and typically just stay with the version that came with the unit because I haven’t had issue with it. If you don’t have the old version you can download it from their website. I keep a copy of the install driver in a folder in case it ever updates automatically and just to save me time if it gets messed up like yours has. Good luck.

I do this with display drivers.
However, at least for me, the 3DConnexion driver started to crash when I started the LayOut 2020 application, and updating to the latest version has apparently fixed this. Installing or reinstalling the driver after installing SketchUp 2020 also puts in place the required plugins to make the device work with SketchUp.