Spacemouse does not work after SketcUp 2017 install

Hi out there

I have used Sketchup 2016 together with my 3Dconnexion Spacemouse wireless for moths now, without any problems.
I just installed Sketchup 2017, and now the spacemouse does not react in Sketchup anymore.

I have uninstalled Sketchup 2016 according to the procedure from the manual. I have of course tested that the spacemouse still works fine in other applications.

Any hint on what to do now?

I am running iMac 5k, OS X Sierra

re-install the latest SpaceMouse Driver…

it adds an extension to each SU version and obvisously can’t do that before a new SU version is installed…


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The 3D Connexion mouse is created by 3D Connexion and they use very specific drivers for the device allowing it to function with SketchUp. If you’re having problems with their mouse you may be able to download an updated driver from their site which will work with your version of SketchUp. If they don’t have a driver yet, be sure to contact them directly to confirm when a driver will be available.

Update your 3DConnexion Driver here: 3DxWare 10 Archives - 3Dconnexion US

I had the same issue and can confirm that a re installation of the 3D Connexion driver solves the issue.


I Will try to uninstall the driver, and install again.
If I just press the update driver button, it says I have the newest version

it will be missing the v17 Extension it needs until you re-instal it…


I had the same problem. Turned out the extension was turned off.

Kennent, I actually read your topic on this, but I checked, and can not see the space mouse in the extension list

Here’s what it looks like in my Extension Manager window within SketchUp:

Hope this helps!

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Hi all

Just as an update. It was fixed by uninstalling and re-installing the 3Dconnexion driver. Thanks a lot to all of you!


This is the one that worked for me.
Only found it after installing and reinstalling repeatedly.