3D Connexion driver Support for 2022

Well, here we are again, stuck waiting for a driver. I don’t know why I did not remember this from the last SketchUp Pro update in November 2020, Dark Ferrik! So does anyone have a heads up on a Beta driver like last time or are we just stuck for now? I just updated this morning and was all “YEAH, new features!”…then I was like “awe, we suck again!”…

Let me know please…thanks forum!

Since that’s on the 3DConnexion folks you might want to contact their customer support.

You could just try installing their drivers again after installing SU2022. Might work. Won’t hurt.

Yes I already emailed them right after updating and realizing it did not work anymore. Just wondering if anyone might have a inside scoop. Ya never know.

And the drivers I have are the latest. I updated first thing as well. Then I tried to re-install the old Beta update but since the new drivers are more up to date than the old one it would not allow it.

Sooooo…not angry…I know they will fix it…it’s just frustrating. Meanwhile I guess I will re-install all my extensions I lost as well…lol…oh so much fun to be had today…

??? Your profile states Windows 10. ??? I am on win 10 SketchUp 2022, 3D mouse works as in 2021 version. I have the latest driver from 3D Connexion.

OK well that is good to know…gonna unplug and reboot the entire thing then. Be right back.

Well apparently all I had to do was unplug my mouse and re-plug it back in and now everything works…color me stupid. Thank you for the help!

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