Sketchup 2017 with 3D Mouse Connexion


Hello everybody,

I’ve read quite a lot posts on this topic but unfortunately I am still not able to make it work: Sketchup 2017 with 3D Mouse Connexion

I installed SketchUp2017 (17.1.174 64bit)
Updated Connexion Driver (3DxWare64_v10-4-8_r248)
Restarted the system several times
Reinstalled SketchUp 2017
Installed SketchUp 2016
Updated Connexion Driver again.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…
Do you guys have any idea what I can try to make it work…!?

Thanks a lot!


Have you reached out to 3DConnexion? They are very responsive and offer very good support.


Hi Aaron,
thanks for your quick response!
Haven’t tried yet…
Ich will give it a try!



Have you tried uninstalling the 3DConnexion driver > reboot > then reinstall the latest driver?


Hallo catamountain,

Yes I did. Ich reinstalled the connexion driver twice. The computer was
rebooted after deinstallation and after Installation…



Have you checked that it is Enabled in the Extension Manager?


Which Extension in the Extension Manager needs to be enabled. I cannot find
an extension called 3D mouse…
I already looked it up in the Warehouse but did not find an extension. Is
this extension preinstalled?

Thanks a lot!


I posted a screen grab of the extension above,
Extension Name, 3DxSketchup/ Author, 3Dconnexion.
This will appear in the Extension Manager within Sketchup if you have successfully installed the most recent Driver from 3DConnexion.
Until that is showing it won’t function.


Be sure to ‘Install Plugins’ any time you update the 3dConnexion drivers’


Hey guys,

probably I do not see the wood for the trees…
@Box: Extension 3DxSketchup is not installed
@bmike: If I want to have this extension installed I need to install a Plugin within the connexion software/driver?
Your screenshot show’s something I do not have available… :frowning:
The only “setup tool” I do have available is “3Dconnexion Home”, there is no Plugin function available…

Somehow I get the feeling that I’m doing something completely wrong… :frowning:




Problem solved…
I just decided to reinstall again the driver and there was ist…
After running the driver.exe file I get to choose:

  • make changes to the software
  • repair the software
  • uninstall the software

I alwas reinstalled it. During the installation process I somehow did not find the checkmark “SketchUp”.
By choosing “make changes to the software” I was able to select SketchUp, click ok and it was done…

Thanks a lot for your Support!!! Great!

Cheers and best greetings from Germany,


Make sure you check that 3Dconnexion is enabled in Extentions Manager.
It took me forever to find this post which points this out.