3D Connexion Enterprise not working in Sketchup 2017 w/ current driver

Can anyone suggest a solution to try and rectify my 3D Connexion Enterprise/Sketchup Pro 2017 connection? I do believe I have the most current driver 10.4.7 The mouse display shows that it recognizes SU, but it does not function.

My device is working correctly in SU 2016.

When did you download and install the driver? Did you get it this week after you installed SketchUp 2017? If not, try it now.

I installed the driver yesterday after installing 2017 a few days before.

You should contact the 3D Connexion tech support.

Thanks for trying.

Sorry I didn’t help.

Most users have reported that installing the latest 3D Connexion driver made their device functional for SU2017.


Thanks again for your help.

I was able to figure it out on my own. The ruby script (3DxSketchup) needed was being added to the plugin folder under Programdata. I have SU pointing to a different plugin folder for all my extentions. Once I moved the extension to the correct folder it recognized the device correctly.

Hopefully this may help some others that may run into this issue.

Ah ha! So you kind of did it to yourself? :wink: Glad you got it working, though.