SketchUp Pro 2021 and 3Dware

Has anyone using SketchUp Pro 2021 been able use the 3D mouse 3Dware version 5.1.1? I read a post where SketchUp 2021 does not work this version. I have not upgraded from 2020 yet as I don’t want to lose use of my 3D mouse.

Actually it was a case of the 3D Connexion drivers not working with SketchUp 2021. They have been working on an update and had at least a beta version that could be obtained. Did you go to their site and check for the latest drivers?

Yes, I did although they changed the site layout making it more difficult to download the drivers, How did you get a beta version?

I didn’t personally. Others who have had sent an e-mail to their support department.

If you read the threads that already exist on the topic you’ll see some input from someone at 3D Connexion.

This is not an unusual deal. It happens every time a new version of some software they support comes out. They have to update their drivers.

If 3DConnexion keeps its promises, the new driver version will be released next week.

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Thanks for the Update. I will be checking.