SketchUp 2020: Materials Not being colourized, or colourizing incorrectly

I have a bunch of materials I had made, none of which are working properly in 2020, in 2019 they work perfectly. No matter which material I choose it only paints the texture image, and neglects to colourize the material. If I manually select colourize, it colours it an incorrect colour. Most times it appears as lighter than the colour showing on the colour wheel, other times it is an entirely different colour.

All materials show up like this one - this one is supposed to be black. When I click “colorize” nothing happened…And if I move the slider, it turns PINK!

Any idea what is going on or how to solve it?

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try editing the ‘In Model’ material rather than the in library one…


That doesn’t do anything different - it still acts the same.

Same problem here, which affects everyone at my company. This is a pretty big issue as of course presenting reasonably accurate renderings and screenshots to customers is important to business.

I copied all my materials from the 2019 Materials folder into the 2020 Materials folder. Our custom materials with our specific .jpg texture are completely wonky, with no seeming relation to what the color should be. Clicking around the color wheel and trying all sorts of things (including “colorize” which we have never had to touch before) only seems to change the tint of the material slightly.

Anyone else know what’s going on or how to fix this?


UPDATE! Got my colors to work.

After some more testing, all I need to do is apply each material to a surface in my model once, (even if it is not on that surface when I save), and exit.

That is:

  1. Take a single square surface.
  2. Take turns using paint bucket to paint it every one of your custom materials, one right after the other, to the same square. Ignore how they look.
  3. Save that file.
  4. Re-open the file and test. All of your materials should now work and look as expected when applied to a material.

The above works, but I’m still having to do it for every new sketchup model I create. I thought maybe it would be a global fix but seems like not. So it’s still annoying to be in the middle of working on a model, apply a (previously not used this session) material, and have to save/exit/re-open to get it to appear correctly.

@#()%^&(!&%$ After using the above process, all was well, and I could apply my custom materials-with-textures to surfaces, with all of my materials available and looking good.
HOWEVER, I purged my model (Window>Model Info>Statistics>“Purged Unused”) and the effing problem returned! My materials are still in my material list like normal, but any materials not currently applied to a surface are back to their stupid greyed-out colors when I try to use them.

Yes, I can work around this by save/exit/re-open but it’s annoying and just illustrates one of the big reasons we as a company always try to hold off on “upgrading” whenever a new version is released.

I’m having this problem too and it would be really good if they could fix it.

In the mean time for others who are having these issues following on from jimmys solution what i have done is created a pelette object with a square for each of my materials, then i have added this object to a hidden layer in my template file (which i use as the basis for all my projects) so now every new file will already have those textures in it and they would be working correctly… unfortunately this means that every single file i create will have every single texture in it… so it has over doubled the size of my template file.

Hope that helps and hope they fix it soon.