Material color issues

I know I have looked into this before and have solved the problem previously by saving closing and reopening the model but this is happening again and not being fixed by closing and opening.


Oh and this only seems to be an issue with the non native materials.

No one knows anything about fixing this?

I’m not following what the question is. Maybe a little more narrative with the pictures?

It looks like two different things. The color not matching the color adjustment (could be because the end result is always a mix of the original texture and the color adjustment), and in the second case the material image in the edit window doesn’t match the image in the list (something I haven’t seen)

You would think but they seem to be related. It is like SKU thinks that the material started with the color displayed in the thumb and adjusts from that point even thought that is not the case. So if I used that white one it would never look white no matter how far I took the slider because SketchUp thinks it started at white but actually started at the brown.