Sketchup 2020 not reading correct custom color on edited texture in preview/3d model space

I have a lot of custom materials saved out that I access on a regular basis. I would usually find a nice texture map change the color in Sketchup via the color pallet, then save it out so in the preview I would see the custom color created. Then save it in a custom folder for later use.

The texture in the attached image is a normal map that I found. I wanted this to represent in the Sketchup model space as a dark gray color. This color change was achieved via the color editor in sketchup. Sketchup Material Bug

I also just tested this material to see if it was a broken link or something, but the material is working as intended in the version Sketchup 2019. Anyone else running into a similar case? I would like to avoid manually correcting all the incorrect materials again, specially since there was no issues prior… Thanks.

Can you share a sample .skp file with those weird-looking materials so we can check to see how they appear here?

It’s weird as soon as I save out a .skp file with the material attached to the plane floor in 3d model space and reopen the file the material appears to be correct. But if I were to start a new project file it reverts back to the incorrect color once more.

I’ve attached the .skm, .skp, .skb and original texture that it is to be pulling from. You may want to add the material via “add collection to favorites”. The .skp seems as though it found the correct color. I’ve also added the .skb since if you use “view, large icons” in windows 10 it’s showing the incorrect color. Of course you’d just need to rename it .skp to open that file. Hope all this help if finding a fix for this bug. :slight_smile:

Sorry here’s the zip.Sketchup 2020 Material Color (7.5 MB)

Where did you get this material image. It looks like a map from a rendering application, not the actual texture image. The fact that the jpg has “SPECULAR” in the name makes me suspicious that you have gotten the wrong image. It opens as a specular map in my image editor not as the texture image.

If you can’t get the original texture image, edit this jpg in an image editor to get the color you want.

I see no bug in the way SketchUp is handling the texture. It’s doing what I would expect.

I just went ahead and made a correct texture for you. Hopefully it’s as dark as you want it.

Thank you DaveR but if you were to take that exact .skm file into sketchup 2019. You would find no issue with sketchup reading the edited color in the 3d model space. I appreciate you modifying the .jpg. The naming convention for that texture is from a website called “Poliigon”. The way I changed the color map through Sketchup might not be conventional but it did work in 2019 just fine. It’s no biggie if I really do have to update all the materials by hand then so be it. I just thought that this might be worth the Sketchup team looking into. Thanks for your reply though.

I renamed your .skm to .zip and opened the reference image that is being used as the texture. SketchUp 2019 is displaying it as you have created it.

You haven’t saved the .skm with the parameters to display the color as you have set it.